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Ecuador Earthquake Disaster Fund

Esmeraldas Province of Ecuador is a predominantly black community seriously damaged by a 6.2 on the richter scale earthquake that has affected 2,621 families.  Material damage is considerable and thousands  of people are homeless, since the March 27 natural disaster.

The President of the National Delegation of SOAD Parliament in Ecuador Edison Marquez and Luisa Ortiz a Member of Parliament will coordinate on the ground along with a team of volunteers the efforts to help and assist the community.

SOAD  emergency response system (ERS) is in a 24 hour alert, the Command Center is activated to receive updated information.

HELPING the humanitarian crisis caused by the earthquake requires immediate attention, your donation is critical and urgent to provide the support needed. 

In Ecuador a month after quake, humanitarian needs acute; many without roof over heads. 





Ukraine African students Safety Appeal campaign image
Ukraine African students Safety Appeal

The Emergency Response System (ERS) Is the humanitarian arm of 'The State of The African Diaspora'.Our aim is to empower people of African descent globally.

We are Assisting with our partner and networks to support 470 students fleeing the war in Ukraine. To date we have helped with coordinating food, accommodation, and flights home to Ghana & Nigeria. However, we have much more work to do, many of these students had to flee with little or nothing including clothes. We need to provide support on the ground in Europe and Africa so these students can continue their education under reasonable circumstances.
We are also very concerned with the racism and potential of trafficking, as 25% of trafficked persons are African; hence, we are working with “Act Africa” against human trafficking.
We are asking for your help and support to empower these young people that have gone through hell, you can be the answer to their safety and stability so please donate to this cause as much as you can.

African students who have fled the war in Ukraine say the racism they face is making a bad situation worse


We have pledged and made a commitment to work diligently to help our people in a desperate situation displaced due to a military and political conflict.
We have the privilege and thank Paul Adanu and Good will Ambassador Olasubomi Aina for working with us under extreme difficult conditions and responding with incredible work on the ground.
We are currently coordinating with (IOM) UN Migration to repatriate up to 470 students with dignity and respect. We are also working with “ACT Africa” to help educate and prevent human trafficking in volatile circumstances.

SOAD is a borderless State with a global Pan-African ideology and culture, we have a Government, a Parliament, & Ambassadors in the Diaspora, and continental  Africa. Hence, we are well placed to understand the needs of our people and help repatriate them.





Chess Players campaign image

Chess players social website and app, fundrasing £2000 for the construction of the idea.

  • Unique features and advanced technology
  • Multi-player game






The Career Development Scheme campaign image
The Career Development Scheme

The Career Development Scheme

These schemes will be managed by CAP and the training will be provided by the ICS eLearning Centre., 

We expect to offer free access to the scheme for students within our launch areas, by offsetting the costs via business sponsorships, donations and any other funding opportunities.

The programmes will be mainly online courses, with a mixture of live online sessions and real-world sessions. The sessions will be focused on specific areas of the programme and will include guess speakers from within the related industry.

The real-world sessions can be run either within one of the schools or within a local community centre





Mothers and Babies of African Descent Dying Disproportionately(MBADDD) campaign image
Mothers and Babies of African Descent Dying Disproportionately (MBADDD)

A campaign to address Mothers and Babies of African Descent Dying Disproportionately during pregnancy and childbirth at 5X the rate of other races, whilst in the care system.

MBADDD Achievables -what we need to do

1- Carry out the research and provide the data that establishes the reason for Mothers and Babies of African Descent Dying Disproportionately during pregnancy and childbirth. $ 75,000

2- Address the established reasons for which the inequality that exists and provide support to those experiencing this inequality. This is an ongoing activity that requires finance. Min $ 150,000 for 1st yr support team

3- Impact on Government Legislation to address this inequality. This requires a White Paper to undergo several stages to become a Bill, which then receives Royal Assent and becomes an Act of Parliament. $40,000 to initiate White Paper protocol.

4- Provide redress to the Estate of the demised. $50,000 covers initial Legal services costs.





Quiz Mode campaign image
Quiz Mode

This is a campaign to raise funds to help us develop our 2D quiz game.





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