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This Rules of Service is effective as of June 2021.

IN THE BLACK FINANCIAL SUPPORT LTD provides this Rules of Service to inform users of our policies and procedures regarding the creation, running of campaigns and the support of campaigns on our website. For more information please contact us at

  • Campaigns owners will pay between 5% and 7% plus Flutterwave / PayPal transaction fees. This will be deducted from each successful campaigm
  • Supporter pledges paid via Flutterwave, that are refunded will be returned to their payment card.
  • Supporter pledges paid via PayPal, that are refunded will be returned to their eWallet. Funds in the supporters wallet can be used to support other campaigns, or be withdrawn back to their payPal account. Please keep in mind PayPal do not refund their fee.
  • Campaigns cannot contain nor promote any pornographic material
  • Campaigns cannot be for the promotion of hate speech, or encouraging violence against others
  • Campaigns cannot promote nor offer any illegal products or services
  • Campaigns cannot offer alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or any restrictive items as a reward
  • Campaigns cannot offer live animals as a reward
  • Campaigns cannot offer equity, nor a profit share as a reward
  • Campaigns must be well presented, with clear objectives and without intentionally trying to mislead the supporters

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